This Analyst Knows When the Bitcoin (BTC) Supercycle Will Begin

The emerging euphoria in the cryptocurrency market is attracting the attention of analysts and enthusiasts such as Doctor Profit, who analyze the growth cycles of Bitcoin (BTC) in detail.

In his opinion, digital gold goes through five key stages that show the general dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Through his analysis, he indicates what level of Bitcoin means the digital asset has started its supercycle.

5 Key Stages of Growth

On the X (Twitter) social media platform, Doctor Profit provided information about a key moment –the end of the decline period, which occurred in the price range from $16,000 to $25,000. At this stage, there is a potential change in market sentiment, creating foundations for the upcoming uptrend. Investors are starting to respond to signals, and the market is gradually preparing for dynamic changes.

The pre-bull phase, covering the price range from $25,000 to $38,500, is a market recovery period. It means increased activity and optimism of investors. The growing interest also creates foundations for further growth. This stage opens the way to subsequent phases of Bitcoin’s growth.

As the market gains momentum, we enter the secondary pre-bull phase, with the price range hovering between $38,500 and $48,000. This is an important growth trend, building expectations about the future. Investors are trying to take advantage of dynamic price changes, and the cryptocurrency market is entering a period of increased activity.

According to Doctor Profit’s analysis, the golden bull phase starts in the price range of $48,000 to $69,000. A significant price increase, investor enthusiasm, and growing optimism characterize it. This is the stage when the market reaches its peak values ​, and investor euphoria culminates.

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Five Stages of Bitcoin Bull Market. Source: X (Twitter)

Bitcoin (BTC) Supercycle – $69,000

The top of the bull market, spanning the $69,000 range, is the beginning of Bitcoin’s supercycle. This is the moment when the cryptocurrency market experiences unprecedented growth and investor enthusiasm reaches unprecedented levels. The market, however, is reaching the culmination of its development.

Bitcoin, the leading player in the cryptocurrency market, is still going through dynamic cycles that shape its value and influence the future of the entire industry. The analysis conducted by Doctor Profit serves as a kind of map for investors, helping them better understand the next stages of Bitcoin’s growth. Moreover, they allow you to predict which direction the entire cryptocurrency market may be heading.

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The Bitcoin Analyst Predicts When a Major Correction Will Occur

Contrary to general belief, Doctor Profit clearly rejects the thesis that after exceeding the level of $40,000, Bitcoin will face a significant correction. He emphasizes that a possible breakdown to $38,500 will change the current rules of the game. His forecast assumes the first significant correction, estimated at 20-30%. The analyst argues there will be a significant correction after Bitcoin hits $47,000-$48,000 levels.

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Doctor Profit predicts a huge Bitcoin correction after testing $47,000 region. Source: X (Twitter)
Doctor Profit predicts a huge Bitcoin correction after testing $47,000 region. Source: X (Twitter)

Doctor Profit supports its arguments with previous predictions. He proudly recalls his previous accurate predictions that he shared with his audience. His previous predictions, especially regarding April 2021, were 90% accurate, which is also confirmed by real market movements.

After reaching a peak of over $60,000 in 2021, he decided to sell 85% of his cryptocurrencies before the market fell to $18,000. The analyst also predicted one of Bitcoin’s worst weeks at the time, which was confirmed just 15 minutes after his prediction. At that time, the market fell by over 5% and continued downwards, reaching the area around $30,000.

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