Solana Saga Phones Selling for 5X Price of Apple iPhone

Solana (SOL) Saga phones have been the talk of the cryptocurrency community over the past week, with prices mounting as people are eager to get one of these phones.

“While these past few days will be cemented in history, we’re excited for the future,” a statement from Solana Mobile declared.

Hype Continues for Solana Mobile Saga

Solana Saga phones are currently being listed on eBay for up to $5,403 USD. Evidently, a significant number of users are actively adding the phone to their “watchlist,” indicating a growing demand for the product.

However, Apple promotes the latest iPhone 15 Pro starting at only $999 USD. This is roughly one-fifth of the original price.

Amid the hype of the phone selling out, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko stated that he is “just pacing around the house and saying whoa over and over at this point.”

At the same time, he shared news that SOL had overtaken Ethereum in terms of trading volume for “the first time in history.”

At the time of publication, SOL’s price is $72.28.

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Solana Co-Founder Addresses SOL Hype in Recent Times

On December 4, BeInCrypto reported that Yakovenko shared a perspective on the differences between Solana and Ethereum.

Yakovenko claims that Solana’s success does not hinge on Ethereum’s demise. In fact, he forecasts a future where both platforms thrive, highlighting the potential of technology to evolve and scale. 

The sentiment echoed by Yakovenko resonated with the crypto community, garnering responses on social media. One user pointed out that the market is already speculating about the next potential “SOL killer.” 

This observation reflects the dynamic nature of the crypto space, where innovation and healthy competition drive progress.

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